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cheren gets laid.txt

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cheren gets laid.txt

Post  Cheren on Sun May 15, 2011 5:33 pm

cheren360 (5/14/11 4:55:34 PM): -he looked at her as he bit her lilp, his eyes glinting mysteriously as he stepped closer to her swelling with a sudden boldness- So? and I'm nearly 20. I've always admired you, and you are simply beautiful Lenora. Don't play coy.. -he smirked wickedly-
lenoragymwidoe (5/14/11 4:57:04 PM): -she back up alittle - cailm down cheren...-blushing back her body up agisnt the book shelf- im flatttered but this is way to sudden
cheren360 (5/14/11 4:59:33 PM): -He looked at her eyes, he didn't know where this was coming from, he just knew he didn't want to let the moment pass. He stepped forward, close enough to touch her as he eyed her up and down once more- Lenora... what is too sudden... your body is tense... I could help you.. relax. A woman like you, a beautiful woman... when's the last time you...? -he let the question hang, the implication obvious-
lenoragymwidoe (5/14/11 5:01:00 PM): -she blushes more- that is none of your buisness!! -she goes wide eyed- cheren whats happening to you cailm down!
cheren360 (5/14/11 5:04:08 PM): -He closed the gap between them and placed his finger on her lips. His cold deep blue eyes staring into hers as his blush subsided some, honest courage powering his motions- Lenora, tell me now, that you don't desire companionship of any sort... that you wouldn't like for me to love your body like it deserves... honestly tell me that and I will leave. Is this the honest truth? Or are you simply shy...?
lenoragymwidoe (5/14/11 5:06:06 PM): -she takes off you hand and turn away her back to not any of those....but..-you see her small skinny torso and waist lined meet her large fat hips butt and thigs then continue down to her skinny calfs, as you eye her body from behiend-...i dont know just feels wrong...
cheren360 (5/14/11 5:11:19 PM): -he came closer and hugged her, his arms wrapping around her small waist, hugging her close, as he kissed her cheek as his closeness made his "stiffness" obvious against her large butt. He whispered in her ear again- It would be oh so right though...
lenoragymwidoe (5/14/11 5:12:43 PM): -she blushes and titls her head moaning and quiving softly- cant..
cheren360 (5/14/11 5:13:37 PM): -his lips drifted down to her neck as he kissed there softly, his eyes closing slowly as his hands drifted over her large hips- Yes.. we can..
lenoragymwidoe (5/14/11 5:16:58 PM): -she doesnt even talk now as she just lets out little gasps and moans- ahh...
cheren360 (5/14/11 5:19:48 PM): -his hands climbed back up as he slowly unzipped her skirt, his lips kissing her neck and biting playfully as he pulled down the long garment, before his hands went to her bosom, carresing her chest through her shirt as he moaned lightly, wanting desperately to have her.-
lenoragymwidoe (5/14/11 5:20:36 PM): -she blushed and let out soft moans with him- c-cheren.....
cheren360 (5/14/11 5:21:36 PM): -He quickly spun her around, his lips now meeting hers in a passionate kiss, his hands quickly ripping her shirt from her lucious brown body-
lenoragymwidoe (5/14/11 5:22:25 PM): -she gasp as a black lacy bra is revealed and she covers herself-
cheren360 (5/14/11 5:25:33 PM): Just relax... -his hands go to hers as he tries to pull her hands aside, his eyes hungrily taking her in, the bulge in his pants completely obvious as he steps closer, and it pressed lightly between her legs, his lips meeting hers once more-
lenoragymwidoe (5/14/11 5:26:33 PM): -she lets out a whining moan as you do and shivers feeling poke against her fat thighs-
cheren360 (5/14/11 5:28:19 PM): -his hands grasp her waist, as he slides her panties down, kissing from her chest, down over her small waist, and eventually his tounge finding her thick thighs as he kisses and bites playfully at them- I want to taste you...
lenoragymwidoe (5/14/11 5:28:59 PM): -she winces - n-no..please..cheren...-as her lacy black pantices are slide off around her large hips-
cheren360 (5/14/11 5:29:51 PM): -he spreads her legs abit wider, his arms supporting her as he lifts her, his head between her massive thighs- Why not love... it would make you feel so good...
lenoragymwidoe (5/14/11 5:31:17 PM): -she lets outa whimper as you moved closer to her bluish green bush- ...its...just......-she goes quite-..we...have to be quite...the assistancce are asleep....
cheren360 (5/14/11 5:33:53 PM): -he shrugged and smirked once more- Let them hear.. I shan't be gentle.. -he pressed her back to the bookcase as his tounge ventured into her pussy, gently licking her outer lips, as the slipped into her pinkness and tasted her most sensitive part he let out a soft moan of pleasure- mm... you taste manificent..
lenoragymwidoe (5/14/11 5:34:59 PM): -she gaps and whimper trying to remain quite grabbingon to your hair-..ahh...dont say such embarresing things...-blushing on her dark cheeks-
cheren360 (5/14/11 5:36:34 PM): -He continued to taste her, his tounge going deeper into her as it turned and wiggled inside her, before he smacked her large ass with a grin-
cheren360 (5/14/11 5:36:51 PM): Mmm... I'll say what I please.. you taste lovely though. I want more..
lenoragymwidoe (5/14/11 5:39:24 PM): -she blushes at his words and how dominite he is and goes quite gasp and wincing as you search her insides-
cheren360 (5/14/11 5:42:01 PM): -he smiled and carried her over to the desk and laid her down, his tounge still exploring her sweet pussy, as he fumbled with his own pants, before sliding them down quickly along with his boxers, as he slowly retracted his tounge, and flicked his tounge quickly over her clit- Are you ready...?
lenoragymwidoe (5/14/11 5:44:59 PM): (lol wow!!! your amazing but i have to goes we will conitnue this laters :3)
cheren360 (5/14/11 5:45:15 PM): [alright lol just message me whenever]
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 1:43:54 PM): (hey hey)
cheren360 (5/15/11 1:44:06 PM): [heya]
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 1:44:53 PM): (want to continue?)
cheren360 (5/15/11 1:45:02 PM): [as long as you do love]
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 1:45:14 PM): (the repost~~ <3)
cheren360 (5/15/11 1:45:24 PM): -he smiled and carried her over to the desk and laid her down, his tounge still exploring her sweet pussy, as he fumbled with his own pants, before sliding them down quickly along with his boxers, as he slowly retracted his tounge, and flicked his tounge quickly over her clit- Are you ready...?
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 1:46:21 PM): -she fidgets- w-wait...this isnt right...-a deep blush on her milky brown cheeks-
cheren360 (5/15/11 1:47:42 PM): -he kissed her thighs and up over her waist as he slid two fingers inside of her- what do you mean... it feels right doesn't it...?

lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 1:49:48 PM): -she lets a small gasp escape. she slowely rolls over her large ass to you-..o-ok..
cheren360 (5/15/11 1:51:29 PM): -he smirks and smacks her ass with his free hand as he slowly removes his fingers, licking them slowly- mm... my my you taste amazing... I can't wait to be truly inside of youuu~
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 1:55:48 PM): p-please..thtats embarresing..-she hides her face. her teal afro faceing you-
cheren360 (5/15/11 1:57:12 PM): -he spreads her hips wide as he postioned his dick against her wet pussy. he gently rubbed the head against her as he let out a low laugh and teased her- are you ready...?
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 1:58:01 PM): she tense up alitle- not..-she gaspss out still nervous about all of this-
cheren360 (5/15/11 1:59:55 PM): -he smirked wickedly and leaned down, licking from the small of her back up to her neck, moving her hair aside as he bit her neck lightly, a low growl escaping- Too bad. -he said as he quickly thrust inside her, his dick filling her up as he pushed it all the way in-
cheren360 (5/15/11 2:04:54 PM): -he smiled and thrust into her faster, her ass jiggling from him pounding into her as he moaned more- then admit that you love it.. that you're loving how I'm fucking you!!
cheren360 (5/15/11 2:15:22 PM): -he rolls his tounge around her nipples, pushing himself deeper and deeper, his hips thrusting against her as he moaned more his hands going under her ass pulling her closer- I'll give you more!! I'll fuck you until we pass out!! Lenora!! yes!
cheren360 (5/15/11 2:27:54 PM): -he pulled out quickly and attempted to catch his breath- s-sorry.. I.. got carred a-away...
cheren360 (5/15/11 2:36:18 PM): -he sighed and looked at her- Lenora will you relax! I'm nearly 20! and I've always lived up to my actions. I love you , and I will take care of you both..

lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 2:41:07 PM): ....*she looks away*....fine...-yanks away her wrist-...
cheren360 (5/15/11 2:41:27 PM): -he came up behind her and hugged her- please... relax? I'm sorry..
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 2:43:12 PM): -she looks down- ...ok..
cheren360 (5/15/11 2:43:47 PM): -he kissed her cheek lightly and pulled her close, his arms wrapped around her waist- I love you...
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 2:44:39 PM): ...-she looks down and smiles- thank you..
cheren360 (5/15/11 2:45:15 PM): -he smiled and kissed her neck- relax love... don't be so uptight.. learn to roll with the punches-
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 2:47:26 PM): -she sighs and nods her teal afro resting on you-
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 2:53:11 PM): -she then blushes alittle putting a hand on her stomach-
cheren360 (5/15/11 2:53:32 PM): -he smiled and put his hand over hers- our child will be beautiful..
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 2:53:56 PM): i feel them swimming around feels weird...
cheren360 (5/15/11 2:54:15 PM): I'm sorry dear...

lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 2:56:19 PM): -she the bend over slightly her large butt bumping you back a tiny bit but nnot enough to knock you a away and slowely slips her pants and blacky lacy panties just enough for you can see- put more in e real quick...-she is leaned over a tad bit just enough for you to get the right angle to get in-
cheren360 (5/15/11 2:57:43 PM): -he smirked and eased his boxers down and slipped his dick back inside her, easing it all the way inside- you want more..? I'll give you all you want baby..
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 2:59:13 PM): -she blushes- hurry someone could walk in anymoment -she whispers -
cheren360 (5/15/11 3:00:12 PM): -he nodded and quickly thrust himself deeper, fucking her hard and fast as he bit his lip and continued fucking her-
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 3:01:27 PM): -her butt jiggle slighlty btu not as much sine the pants are still slighlty wrapped around being able to be pulln up quickly in case someone walks in. she pants and breath using on hand to hold on to the book shelf and the other to keep teh pants up-

cheren360 (5/15/11 3:04:14 PM): -he kept fucking her relentlessly, his breath coming out haggard as he kissed her neck and thrust himself deep, feeling himself climax faster as he slipped his hands under her shirt and play with her breasts- mm.. I'm gona cum again soon..
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 3:05:00 PM): then fill me up quick she says panting and squirms alittle as you play with her breasts-
cheren360 (5/15/11 3:08:17 PM): -he smirked and thrust himself deeper and pinched her nipples lightly and continued fucking her- mm... beg for it though baby..
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 3:09:18 PM): -she maons alittle- just hurry and fill me... -bends alittle more so you can get further in- please..
cheren360 (5/15/11 3:16:23 PM): -he pushes himself in further and moans more, biting her neck and smiling slowly- noo... I wana hear you beg.. -he smacked her ass roughly-
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 3:17:37 PM): -she grunts from teh smacking. she begint o lose control and falls to the floor her large butt up in the air for you. her whimpering, she shake it- please give it to me..

cheren360 (5/15/11 3:20:52 PM): -he smirked and pulled her panties off spreading her legs wide and forcing himself deeper into her, before suddenly pulling her back onto him, as he laid on the floor, her ass bouncing on his dick- you want it don't you?
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 3:21:59 PM): yeah~~-she bounces on your dick her black cheekc jiggle every bounce and breasts sway alittle as she does -
cheren360 (5/15/11 3:22:32 PM): -he fondles her breasts more and thrusts his hips up against hers- then beg for it! scream that you want it!
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 3:23:21 PM): I WANT YOUR CUM!!! -she screams in full lust-
cheren360 (5/15/11 3:27:47 PM): -he thrust himself into her and pulled her hips down, cumming deep inside her as he moaned loudly- LENORAA!!! -his dick still twitching as it came inside her more, his breath labored as he slowly pulled out and turned her around, kissing her deeply-
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 3:28:54 PM): -she winces as your seed rushes in and cailm everything. marking her pussy as your territory- mmm~-she closes her eyes as you kiss her and wraps her arms arounf you-

cheren360 (5/15/11 3:30:30 PM): -he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her more, his tounge mingling with hers- Aren't you relaxed now..?
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 3:31:30 PM): -she shakes her head rubbing up agsint your leg with her croth. her milky brown lips still twitching from teh exciment of your white cum inside her- h-hold on still kinda..orgasiming here..-she twitches-
cheren360 (5/15/11 3:33:07 PM): -he smiled and smacked her ass , his dick still hard and rubbing against her pussy when he kissed her cheeks all over- mm.. enjoy yourself..
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 3:34:19 PM): -she lets out a soft moan and her black pussy tiwtch alittel bit still wnating more of your white dick. she left of up fat thighs and spread her lis open gasping- ohhh...
cheren360 (5/15/11 3:36:51 PM): -he smiled and looked at her move biting his lip again- you want more...?
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 3:37:33 PM): -she shakes her head- n-no..its just my hormones... it would wnat it all day.. is hould be getting to work..

cheren360 (5/15/11 3:40:09 PM): -he smiled and rubbed his dick against her pussy and grabbed her ass again- why don't we...?
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 3:42:06 PM): -she blushes and her pussy lips cluitch and pull at your head wanting the white dick inside of her. i blush looking at you- ahh...umm...j-just one more...-not able to fight off her pussy hormines flarring-
cheren360 (5/15/11 3:43:58 PM): -he smirked and moaned slightly his dick easing deeper into her as he kissed her once more, his hips shaking slightly and bouncing her on his dick-
lenoragymwidoe (5/15/11 3:46:07 PM): -her choclate pussy lips seem to be at joy as the white dick come crashing in again and getting smacked agasint by the bounce. i tilt my head back enjoy the ride you give me again panting-
cheren360 (5/15/11 3:48:36 PM): -he moaned softly as his dick went into her sweet pussy and he grabbed her hips, and thrust his up against hers, fucking her harder, as she bounced on his dick, her ass shaking wildly as he let out a lustful moan-

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Post  Hilbert on Sun May 15, 2011 5:47 pm

Why am I not surprised that you'd do this, Cheren?

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Re: cheren gets laid.txt

Post  Blue on Sun May 15, 2011 5:59 pm


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Re: cheren gets laid.txt

Post  Kotone on Sun May 15, 2011 6:27 pm

...Cheren got game. He even got Aunt Jemima to bend over. Dayum boy. Get some.

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Whoah there cowboy!

Post  Green on Sun May 15, 2011 10:07 pm

Time to put away the reigns Cheren.You had your fun riding into the sunset but I think it's good to keep this movie PG-13, stallion.(aka how about we delete this post since we have younger members) Deputy Sneasel says: Never ride a bronco long and hard until you've tamed it.It could into a bumpy ride if you know what I mean. Wink

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Re: cheren gets laid.txt

Post  Diamond on Mon May 16, 2011 3:15 pm

At first i was like

then i was like

lol imma save that for future trolling umad? then i was like

okay i wont cuz thats kinda mean :c

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Re: cheren gets laid.txt

Post  Reddie on Wed May 18, 2011 1:09 pm

...........*tips hat and claps hands*

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Cheren should become a famous writer :P

Post  Misty on Wed May 18, 2011 2:26 pm

There is only one true thing I can say about Cheren cyber sext porn and that is what I feel Cheren was singing at the time I wanna boom bang bang with your body-o, we're gonna rough it up before we take it slow, girl let me rock you rock you like a rodeo it's gonna be a bumpy ride..........

I could of done better >.>

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Re: cheren gets laid.txt

Post  Reddie on Thu May 19, 2011 8:41 am

Misty wrote:There is only one true thing I can say about Cheren cyber sext porn and that is what I feel Cheren was singing at the time I wanna boom bang bang with your body-o, we're gonna rough it up before we take it slow, girl let me rock you rock you like a rodeo it's gonna be a bumpy ride..........

I could of done better >.>

hey nini if you could do better we need to practice eh? practice makes perfect ^^

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Re: cheren gets laid.txt

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