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Pokemon Black Normal-Only run

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Pokemon Black Normal-Only run

Post  Diamond on Tue May 17, 2011 12:04 pm

Okay, being a boring person that i am what i'll do for this is make a section based on each gym, i will just give the quickly sum up what happened, give pokemon after the gym leader, some additional notes and other crap like that.
1. I can only use normal types In combat (Snivy is allowed for the first two rival matches and to catch the first pokemon)
2. I can use Dual-types as long as one of them are normal
3. I can use pokemon that can evolve into Normal types (Although there isnt any)
4. For me to officially complete the game i must get up to and beat Ghetis, i may also give details of post-game stuff such as Cynthia and Rematches.
5. I am allowed to transfer pokemon onto black, however the transfered pokemon must be either equal or less then the average pokemon level after it was transfered
My end team "Wish List"
1. Stoutland
2. Audino
3. Bravairy/Rufflet
4. Sawsbuck
5. Chinccino
6. Either Unfunzent or Watchog

With that in mind i'll try to update this either daily or once in a few days depending on my free time and other stuff

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