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Post  Belle on Sun May 29, 2011 8:51 pm

A creepypasta thread,as the title says. I considered posting some creepypastas I found in the Scary thread,but I didn't consider them "Scary",considering they're on the more "Creepy/Spooky" side.

I found a few creepypastas,so I'll start the thread off by posting them.

Pokemon Dead Version

I work at a video game store. You name it, we got it. Anything from Intellivision to PS3 can be bought in our store, and we buy used games as well.

I’ve always been into “haunted” games – especially old ones. There’s something about your favourite classics becoming glitched and evil that interests me, and as morbid as it sounds, I get a little shot of adrenaline while reading creepypastas, especially Pokemon ones, since I grew up with Red and Blue.

So, today a customer walked in holding a red Gameboy cartridge, and I knew immediately what it was, despite the fact that it didn’t have a label. He strolled up to the counter and placed the cartridge down in front of me.

“I was wondering how much I could get for this game. I don’t know which game it is, exactly, since it doesn’t have a label, and I hope that’s okay. My doorbell rang today, and when I opened it, nobody was there. This cartridge was just sitting on the doorstep - maybe some kid was playing a prank and accidentally dropped it or something. It’s kind of odd, but I don’t really have a use for it and my son is into the newer games.”

He seemed like a nice guy, so I smiled and said, “No problem. I can give you twenty bucks for it.” I gave the man his money and he left. Once the coast was clear, I opened the door to the back room and sat down in a chair. I had an old Gameboy in there that was meant to be up in the cabinets in the front, but I preferred to use it when no one was around. I popped the game in – although there were only a couple other people working in the store today, if anyone saw me I could just say I was testing it, which was partly true. But to be honest, this game had a really creepy vibe and I wanted to try it out.

The game took longer to load than usual, and there was no Nidorino and Gengar introduction, but I didn’t pay it any mind. It was pretty old, after all, so it might be a bit glitchy. Finally, I got to the opening screen. Instead of Red standing next to the Pokemon that were cycling through, there was a man in a black cloak holding a scythe, and I assumed that he was the Grim Reaper. At the top of the screen, the words “Pokemon Dead Version” were written in what looked like blood, not the normal text. I could hardly contain my excitement; I had found a hacked game! Eagerly I pressed the start button and was given the regular options of “Continue” and “New Game”. Usually my curiosity would have gotten the better of me and I would have checked the previous guy’s file, but I didn’t want any spoilers. I selected New Game, and was startled by the response.


No what? I rubbed my head in frustration. I can’t even start a new game? I pressed A.

“Life does not have a New Game. You can’t just play again; we are forced to continue until the journey ends.”

Somewhat morbid, I thought, but this was a game called Pokemon Dead Version, so I wasn’t surprised. I selected Continue and was thrown into the game. Surprisingly, it was at the beginning anyway, and so I listened to the whole Professor Oak speech, which was somewhat different from what I remembered. Instead of the whole “living together in harmony with Pokemon” thing, he frowned and said, “Pokemon are used to our advantage. In the game that is life, they are our pawns. Use them carefully…”

With that, he went back to his usual ditzy self, forgetting the name of his grandson and whatnot. I tried to enter my name as Red, which is what I usually chose, but I was forced to be named “?” which I found a little strange. When I was prompted to enter my rival’s name, I decided to be unoriginal and call him DOUCHE, remembering that encountering him had always been the comedic highlight in the game when I had played it as a child. However, upon entering the name, my rival said, “Try again, loser! That’s not my name!” I frowned and simply named him Blue, to which he replied, “I hate you already…”

Finally, it was time for us to pick our Pokemon. I decided to pick Charmander, and surprisingly the game had no problem with it. Blue decided to be his usual douchey self and pick water. I checked the stats and moves of my Charmander and they were all normal, except for one move…

It was called Reap.

The usual battle with Blue occurred, and I found that I was unable to use Reap on his Pokemon. What a crappy move, I thought. I defeated his Squirtle with ease, however, and eventually headed out onto Route 1.

I found a trainer along the road, and discovered that I was able to use Reap on his Pokemon. A text box saying “The foe’s RATTATTA had its soul drained!” popped up, and the enemy sprite faded away. It didn’t drop off the screen, but simply faded. The trainer had another Pokemon, but the battle ended anyway. Afterwards a small scene played in which he appeared to be crying. He simply said “Sob…” and then faded away himself.

This went on the same way for much of the first part of the game – usually I didn’t use Reap because I found it too morbid and creepy and also wanted to level up my other Pokemon, but occasionally I would use it out of curiosity. However, the same thing would always pop up: “The foe’s _____ had its soul drained!” Then the sprites of both the Pokemon and its crying trainer would fade off the screen, even if the trainer had more usable Pokemon. Strangely, Reap did not work on wild Pokemon and a message saying “It doesn’t seem to affect the wild _____….” would appear, so I was forced to catch some other Pokemon in order to get a decent team going, plus it was just more fun that way.

Just before Pewter City, I checked my Pokemon to see how their stats were doing when I noticed that my Charmander’s named had changed. I never preferred to name my Pokemon, so it was a bit of a shock to me.

CHARMANDER’s name had become KING.

I checked my other Pokemon, and discovered that their names had all been changed to PAWN, every single one of them. I figured it was just another part of the game and let it be, though I didn’t much care for the new names.

The game continued like any other Pokemon game would with the exception of Reap, my Pokemon’s random name change, and the occasional sobbing trainer. I then arrived in Pewter City for my first gym battle.

Brock pretty much introduced himself as usual, though right before the battle he said “Your KING there sure looks strong… But will he win in the game of fate, or will he suffer like the rest?” The battle then began.

Much to my dismay, I could not switch out KING for any other Pokemon or use any of its other moves. I basically had to sit there while Brock’s Pokemon kicked the crap out of mine. Once I had one hit point left, Brock appeared and said “Check!” with a smug look on his face. Just as I thought I was doomed, the game suddenly took control and KING used Reap. Brock’s Pokemon faded away and the battle ended. There was a scene suddenly, in which Brock confronted me and said “You can’t cheat life… Nor can you cheat fate… All of this will come back to haunt you… Sob…” And with that, he disappeared.

Similar events with all other gym leaders continued throughout the game, though the game was cut down to be considerably shorter; there were four gym leaders instead of eight and instead of the Elite Four at the end of the game, there was simply Blue, the one who had hated me from the beginning (it should be noted here that since our fight at the beginning of the game, I had not seen Blue since then and scenes and battles with him had been cut out). By now, KING was level 62, and all of my PAWNS were reasonably under leveled.

Red and Blue simply stood there in the empty room for a moment, and then Blue began to pace towards Red, slowly at first and then quite quickly. When they were very close to each other, a text box came up saying “It looks like you and KING have become good friends…” I pressed A. “Or have you? What have you gained from killing people together instead of just fighting your battles fair and square? Your greed is inhuman; I had a goal and I went for it, and you, striving for the same thing, hurt people to get what you wanted. Is that what you call honorable???”

With that, a battle began, and I found that much like the earlier gym battles, I was unable to do anything but sit there and let him beat me, but on his first move, he selected a move that I thought was impossible for him to have.


“I had it all along…” a text box came up. “But I never used it, not once. It would have been wrong. But you don’t see that.”

His Blastoise, suddenly named WINNER, reared up and began to use the move, and a cackling, evil sound began to come out of the game.

“I’ll see you in hell.”

The game then turned itself off. I tried to turn it on again, but the only thing would appear was a text box with the same bloody lettering that there was in the beginning:


Pokemon Death Snap

Ahh, the 90s. Life was so simple back then, for my generation. There was the Game Boy, the Nintendo 64, Animaniacs, Freakazoid….these things were all the highlights of my day, especially if I was doing them with a friend. I wasn’t really into computers at the time; my family had dial-up and a shitty Windows 95, which made everything so frustrating. No, my farthest exploits into the digital world involved me and my Nintendo 64. Super Smash Bros., Super Mario 64, Starfox 64, Mario Kart 64, and Pokemon Snap were my favorites.
After I had thoroughly rooted out every secret in these games, the only one that kept my attention was Pokemon Snap. I constantly went through every level trying to get the best possible shot of all the Pokemon featured in that game. What intrigued me was the realism in that game. In all other Pokemon games, everything was synthetic. You couldn’t walk amongst the Pokemon and see how they interacted; you could only have them in a ball or following you around. One could argue that Hey You, Pikachu! was more interactive, but in the whole, only certain words are recognized and the scripted non-realistic events gave that game a disgustingly synthetic feel. The first-person 3D view of Pokemon present in Pokemon Sap gave everyone who grew up in the 90s something they could only dream of: a chance to live in a realistic Pokemon world.
So, eventually, we moved to a new house and got a PS2, DSL, and a computer that could run Half-Life, and I moved on the bigger and better things, but would often look back fondly at the simplicity of my childhood. My N64 and all the games were put in a forgotten corner of the basement. This brings my story to more recent events. About a week ago, I was at my friend’s house. He is one of those people who are well-equipped and has many things: Wi-Fi, several computers, iPods, a Mac, a drum set, a piano, a Widescreen HDTV, surround-sound, guitars, a PS3, and whatnot. He was one of the people I liked to whoop in Super Smash Bros. back in the day. Anyway, we were hanging out and he had something he wanted to show me. He powered up his Wii and one of the channels was Pokemon Snap, which he proceeded to load. He had recently downloaded it from the Virtual Console. As soon as I heard the fast theme song and camera flashes, I was overcome with an intense wave of nostalgia - something I rarely feel these days - and really wanted to play that game. My friend loaded it up and selected continue.
For everyone unfamiliar with Pokemon Snap, the premise is that Professor Oak needs someone to photograph all the Pokemon on some island with many different environments. As you get more pictures and higher scores, new tools and levels become available to you, such as the apple, which acts as bait, the pester ball, which irritates Pokemon, and the Pokeflute, which wakes sleeping Pokemon. The player controls Todd, a character from the anime, who is riding in a buggy on a set track. The buggy moves at a constant speed, and it is from this buggy that you must take pictures. There are 63 of the original 151 Pokemon in Pokemon Snap. The levels, or ‘courses’ as Oak calls them, range from a beach to a volcano to caves and rivers. The island is a very diverse place, but even with my extensive playing, the darkest parts had eluded me…until recently, that is.
So, Professor Oak said “welcome” in his very creeper-ish voice recording. I always found it funny how the game had about one word of pre-recorded voice per two or three sentences the text box showed. Reliving our childhoods, we took turns playing a level and seeing who could get the best score. Soon, I had to go home, but I really did not want to stop playing Pokemon Snap.
When I got home, I went down into my basement and dug out the old N64, along with a musty-smelling cardboard box full of all the old cartridges, controllers, memory cards, and rumble packs. God, I missed this system. I hooked the RF cables up to the TV in my room, popped in Pokemon Snap, and shifted the Pokeball into the on position. A little more back-story here: when I got my N64, the Hey, You Pikachu! model was massively on sale at Toys R Us, and my mom decided to get it, as it came with the game. When you turn it on with the Pokeball switch, the Pikachu’s cheeks light up, also, his foot acts as the reset switch. It’s pretty cool. Anyways, when I turned the console on, the screen remained static. I pulled out the cartridge and checked the chip. Sure enough, it was covered in this black gunk. I spent half an hour getting that nasty stuff off. It was at this point I first noticed something strange: after the substance was removed, the chip was red with black rectangles along the surface, which I assumed were meant to be contacts. None of my other games had this black stuff, and their chips were light brown with the gold-ish contacts.
There were other oddities with this particular cartridge. There was no Official Seal of Nintendo on the label or anywhere on the cartridge. These are on all N64 carts, and most other Nintendo products from this era. Another thing was that there was no black label on the back that usually contains the typical “DON’T PLAY YOU’LL GET SEIZURES,” kind of thing. The front label was also slightly off-center. These should have been red flags, but I am a pretty lax guy that just takes things in stride so I didn’t really care. At this point, I thought the game was ruined by the goo and discoloration, but I put it back in for the hell of it. To my surprise, the Nintendo logo popped on the screen. We were back in business.
So, the load screen came up and the upbeat theme song and camera flashes were playing just as they did earlier at my friend’s house. It was then I noticed several visual distortions, which I thought were due to cart damage. There were three purple vertical streaks a few inches wide that went all the way down the screen, one on each edge and one down the middle. They were darker in the middle of the streaks, but you could see past them somewhat. I didn’t mind that much; it was minor inconvenience.
Next, I pressed start and to my surprise, I found that there was no continue option. I guess my saves had been deleted by battery failure. All of those hours and hours of hard work and completion were gone. Oh well, I probably would have started a new file anyway.
I started the new game and more strange things began to occur. I found myself in Oak’s lab. His features were changed. His eyes were black with no pupils and he had a stern look on his face. That, coupled with the purple distortion that ran along his left half, made him very disturbing. All the text dialogue was normal, but the pre-recorded voice bits I mentioned earlier were distorted. They came out slowly at low pitch. I was reminded of the demon voices from early shooters like Doom…but other than these things I attributed to cart damage, the game play was normal…or so I thought. All of this was starting to make me a bit uneasy, but I was a man of science. I didn’t believe in ghosts or God or Hell, and prided myself in overcoming the irrational fears that many suffered from. Oh, to be young again.
I went to the first course, the beach. There were more visual distortions. All Pokemon had no pupils, just pure black eyes. Also, on the ground underneath where the Pokemon sprites were, there was a purple ring. It appeared even under the flying Pidgeys. The other distortion here was that the sky was a light green and there were no clouds or sun.
The movements of the Pokemon seemed unnatural and cold, like they were afraid of something. I played through the course, but as I took pictures, the Pokemon that were in the frame disappeared. Slightly concerned by this, I didn’t take pictures of Pokemon that wouldn’t count until later, such as Snorlax or Chansey. As I approached the exit gate, I turned around and saw one of the circles that indicated that a Pokemon was there following me, but there was no sprite. I snapped a picture and was taken back to the lab.
I selected all the pictures for the Pokemon Report, but, strangely, the last picture I took was not there. The rating process went as normal, but at the end, Oak said, “Nice work harvesting.” There was a brief pause, and then he said, “……you let it in didn’t you? Well, you know what this means….go to the tunnel.”
I assumed that he was referring to the Tunnel Course, so I went to the map and it was now available. As I entered the course, I noticed that I now had all the tools: the apple, pester ball, and Pokeflute. I went through the course and found that it had the same visual distortion as the beach. At the end, I tossed an apple at the Electrode by the rocks and the path to the volcano opened up. The electrode looked like it was in extreme agony, not like the comical explosions seen before. It seemed to be begging for help.
As the traveling cutscene took place, I saw the purple ring with no sprite again. It followed me. Strangely, there was no cut back to the lab after discovering the course like it was supposed to. It just took me straight to the volcano level. A quick survey of the area showed that the visual distortions were getting worse. As I moved forward, the Ponytas and Rapidashes were running, then jumped into the lava and gave off low-pitched screams. All the Pokemon did this as I approached. I finally reached the egg, which blocked the path. You are supposed to throw an apple at it so you can proceed, but I found that my tools were gone. This was problematic, and I took this opportunity to get some dinner. I didn’t pause the game because there was no need to. When I got back, I saw the purple ring again. It was in place, motionless, behind me. I also saw something else coming from the distance. It was an Electrode from the tunnel rolling down the path. This Electrode must have been the one I blew up, as it had a look of anger and revenge in its eyes. I could do nothing to get away, so I sat and watched. As soon as it hit me, it exploded, which caused my buggy to flip on its side and go top down into the lava. A travel-like cutscene played, but it was slow with distorted audio. The low-pitched screams of the flailing, burning Todd were heard.
I was back in the lab and Oak looked angry. He said, ” You let it get to you, didn’t you? Well, you only have yourself to blame.” The screen faded to black and the course selection screen came up. Oak was standing alone, and the only option on the screen was “HELLL,” which was spelled with three L’s. The go back option was gone, so I had no choice but to click on it.
The camera zoomed in on the charred corpse of Todd that’s bottom half was under the upside-down buggy. Everything was ultra-realistic, and this was on a pedestal of stone in an endless sea of fire and lava. All of the Pokemon I had taken pictures of and made disappear were floating in the lava, screaming in low-pitched voices. Suddenly, there was a camera flash. The screen swung to a demonic figure with a camera taking pictures of the corpse. After he had a few pictures, he curb-stomped Todd’s head and took more pictures. Then, a low-pitched demonic, “Say cheeeeeese,” came out of the speakers and my whole room lit up for a second. That scared the shit out of me, and when it was over the screen was dead black and the system was shut off.
I hit reset, because I knew it was just a game and it couldn’t hurt me. That stuff was pretty sick, but I had seen worse on the internet. I wanted to see what happened next. As it came on the screen, the menu came up and the only option was to view the album. I hit A and immediately wished I hadn’t. The album was filled with hundreds of photos, all of horrific torture and mutilation scenes. Many of these pictures involved children. These photos were not in 64-bit, but appeared to be authentic, scanned photos. At this point, I was overcome with nausea, but it got worse. The game force-scrolled to the end and zoomed to the final picture. It was the picture I had taken of the purple ring without a sprite….only now there was something above it. It was a picture of my dead body floating a foot off the ground. The sickest part was that there was a camera jammed through my head.
The screen faded to black. I was so terrified by the whole event that I broke the cartridge in two and ditched it in two different dumpsters behind restaurants on opposite ends of town. A few days later, I asked my mom if she had done something to my Pokemon Snap game. “Oh, yes…” she said. “When we moved here, I was carrying that box down to the basement and that game fell out and broke. When I went to pick it up, I found that it had fallen into a crack in the crawlspace. I couldn’t find it. I’m sorry about not telling you, but I thought you had outgrown that anyway.” A lock of shock must have come to my face, because my mom asked what was wrong. “Nothing,” I said. “I’m fine.” I decided not to tell her.
A week has passed and I am bringing my story to the internet in the hopes that it may help someone else, or at least entertain. I do apologize for the length, but I feel that the details are necessary. What scares me the most is not the photographs of the mutilation or my dead self. What scares me the most is whatever the hell is in my basement that can make a broken game into something so gruesome. Thank God I’m moving out soon.

354 Banette

“What’s that, papa?”

“Why, that’s your mother’s old doll. I haven’t seen it in years! You can have it, Lily.”

“But, it’s old and cracked. It isn’t soft and plushy like my other dolls.”

“Really? It’s a very unique doll. Your mother loved it as a child. She even named it Hazel.”


“What is it, child?”

“I want a new doll.”

That was the sentence I would forever regret for the rest of my probably short life.

It was simple. I threw it out and got a new doll for my birthday. But then, things got weird.

My dolls disappeared one by one. My parents first blamed it on me being careless and leaving them under the couch or something. However, the incidents got more serious.

It all started when my mother found one of my missing dolls hanged with a rope tied to a hook protruding from our doorway. It was ruined, legs ripped out and one of its blue eyes gone.

My parents started to pray. They knew I wouldn’t do such pranks, and the one way for the dolls to have gone missing is me leaving them somewhere in the house- after all, I was home schooled and hated going outside my house.

Then, it happened.

My father was found hanged at the same place where the doll was found.

The death was ruled as a suicide. But I knew it wasn’t. However, what can a little child do to persuade the police?

Then, a second doll was found, hanged from a ceiling lamp.

My mother was found dead there as well.

I was sent to an orphanage. There were security cameras everywhere, so I thought I was safe.

But one day, the security cameras malfunctioned.

The next day, another of my missing dolls were found handing from the orphanage’s lightning conductor. In its hand was an envelope.

Addressed to me.

I read it.


The last word is still imprinted into my mind. I am now being monitored 24/7 by the police to prevent any killer from getting to me.

Now I’m safe. Nothing will happ

PokeDex Entry: A doll that became a Pokémon over its grudge from being junked. It seeks the child that disowned it.


(Not Originally By me, but couldnt find it on the site)

Filmy, silver clouds slowly drifted apart, allowing a few sparse rays of sunlight to peek through. Leaves rustled in the breeze as a few Swellow let out their victorious evening cries, content that they would now have a few moments of song despite the previous rain storm. Everything seemed to have a shade of grey to it, despite the sunlight. Most Pokémon were preparing for the night as the twilight drew to a close.

Two Lotads were leisurely soaking in a small puddle, thankful for the cool water. Minds foggy and floating off to other places, they didn’t notice a well seasoned creature carefully creeping towards them. Dozing off, their eyes slowly shut. The unknown creature watched on for a few more moments, to be sure they were unaware of its presence. When it was confident enough, it leaped forward to the pair.

During lift off, the creature slipped on a splotch of mud, causing it to tumble forward and land face first in the puddle. The two Lotads squealed, their peaceful evening nap broken, and sprinted off in different directions. The creature flailed, trying to grab the Lotads without aim but failed. It sighed, and sat down in the puddle, forlorn.

“I’m never able to catch them.” She muttered to herself as she crossed her arms and pouted. She sat in the rain puddle, hoping that they may possibly return, despite her limited Lotad hunting knowledge knowing better. After a while the temperature started to drop, and she started shivering. She tardily stood up and half-heartedly brushed herself off, which did little to clean off her mud caked rain coat and skin.

What little light was left started to diminish, weather steadily cooling. A frosty breeze blew through the forest, the chill cutting through her layers of clothing. With slight shock she realized that she had stayed out later then she previously thought, and needed to get home before her parents found out that she had been roaming the forest without permission. With a turn she started pacing towards home, hoping she could get back in time.

Her trot increased to a jog, to a sprint, then all out run as eventually all light vanished. She slipped a few times but caught herself, trying to remember which way was home. She wasn’t quite used to traveling at night, especially with the canopy of leaves blotting out the stars. She kept running as if her life depended on it, which to her at the moment, it did. If she didn’t get back and they had to have rangers be sent out to find her, like which had happened a few times previous, she may be completely banned from ever venturing into the forest again.

Her slippery boots skidded on a patch of wet mud, and she went sliding. She lost her balance and fell on her back in a pool of mud. She let out a yelp as a stabbing pain shot through her foot. She reached out and clutched it, slowly caressing her injured foot. She waited for the pain to go away so she could run again. Eventually her foot started to numb and loose feeling, so she tentatively put a little weight on it.

She instantly recoiled back when aching immediately returned. She eased it back into the mud, allowing it to rest longer. A few bitter tears of defeat slid down her cheeks as she understood her foot had been sprained, and she couldn’t walk, let alone run. She leaned back against a tree and evaluated her options. Sit here and wait for help, or try to crawl back. She honestly didn’t feel like moving another inch, already worn and stressed out from all the running, so she decided waiting for help would be her best option.

A minute passed. Her foot was throbbing with pain, but slowly numbing again. Five minutes. Nincada and other bug Pokémon started to chirrup. Ten minutes. The cold was starting to worsen, and her damp clothes were starting to bother her skin. Fifteen minutes. She started to get drowsy, but the uncomfortable chill kept her from falling asleep. Twenty minutes. She was starting to sweat, but she felt like a popsicle. She cringed at the thought of popsicles at that moment. Twenty five minutes. She felt like crawling into a hole and dying. Thirty minutes. She needed to get back home.

She sat up straight, and stretched all except her injured foot. She cautiously started to sink into her belly, preparing for a crawling position, when she froze in place. Something was standing not two feet in front of her. It was very short with pacific blue skin, greatly darkened by the night. It had a large head, little body, no arms, and a beaver-like tail. There were two purple branch looking objects sticking out both sides of its head. A silly grin plastered to its face, and its two beady eyes were focused on her. She had to admit, whatever it was, it looked pretty cute.


She started and clinged to the tree, scooting back a little, startled by its sudden cry. The creature apparently felt the same, and hopped back a few feet, nearly colliding with a tree, its grin faded into a frown. Once it recollected itself though, it regained its former smile, and bounced back in front of the girl. “Uupah~” In the darkness she could faintly make out its tail wagging, making plopping sounds in the wet mud.

She sighed in relief and figured the creature was friendly. She sat there for a few moments, thankful for the company, even if she couldn’t speak to it. The creature hopped up and down, twirled around, and did a little dance. Apparently it was happy to be around her too, and it was seemingly trying to cheer her up. It worked, and she couldn’t help but giggle, despite how feverish she felt. She pretty much forgot about her pain for a couple of minutes, and instead focused on the creature’s adorable jig.

Eventually it stopped though, and started panting, worn out. It still smiled though, never letting its cheerful spirit go. It plopped into the mud and sat down, apparently unfazed by the sharp cold. “Upah.” It stated as though talking to her. She warmly smiled back at it, and replied with a nod. They enjoyed each others company for a bit, until a cold breeze blew through, reminding her how sick she was and how desperately she needed to find shelter.

She stretched and tried to bring feeling back into her limbs. The creature looked at her quizzically, unsure of what she was doing. “I’m sorry, but I have to get home, little buddy.” The creature sensed the remorse in her tone and frowned, wondering why she was sad. “Thank you for cheering me up…” She reached out her hand and patted the creature’s head.

The moment her numb fingers came in contact with its blue skin, she reeled back in pain, agonizing feeling coursing through her arm. The crippling feeling soon spread through her whole body. She clutched her stomach, screaming at the top of her lungs. Her blood felt as if it was on fire, and she could feel the poison pulsing through her veins. She curled onto the ground, the searing anguish too much for her to bear.

The creature frantically hopped around, trying to find something to help. “Wupah! Wupah!!” It nuzzled her hand to try and help her feel better, but it only resulted in her screaming louder and recoiling from it. It ran to and fro, desperately looking for something, anything that would possibly help her clear distress. It spurted a little water from its mouth onto her head, to see if maybe she just needed some water, but it only resulted in her choking. It bounced up and down on her back, to see if even that would do anything, but to no avail.

Her voice eventually became hoarse from too much screaming, and after a bit her voice broke all together, but a pained expression still clearly visible on her face. She curled up even tighter, and her skin became paler, eventually turning into a chalk white. Her eyes started clouding over, and drool dribbled out of her gaping mouth. Her breathing slowed and slowed, and with one last desperate gasp of air, she stopped moving.

The creature dumbly stared at the inanimate corpse with a shocked expression. Its aspect melted into one of hurt, then sheer remorse. “U-Upah…” It sniffled as a wet tear rolled down the side of its face. It nudged her with its head, willing her to wake up and giggle at its dance again, but she wouldn’t move. Defeated, the creature curled up next to the dead body. It licked her forehead, in one last, desperate attempt to bring her back to life, but all it got in response was another chill wind, making even it shiver.


I pushed a stubborn branch out of my face, which flung back and smacked the Ranger straight in the face behind me. I smirked and kept on walking, ignoring the cussing issuing from my fellow co-worker. “Cut it out, this is no time for messing around!” Our other comrade yelled at us, but I shrugged it off as if it had nothing to do with me.

The trees eventually thinned out and opened up into a clearing, rain puddles from the previous night still there. We had been searching for a few hours already, and our nerves were starting to fray. Even though we had already tried the tactic, we decided to split up again, and meet back up at the Ranger station.

I headed north, hastily walking through the forest. We had seemingly searched everywhere already, and I was worn out. I couldn’t wait to get back to the station and kick of my shoes and relax for the night. I thought the entire mission was in vain, as the girl could’ve wandered off anywhere in the hours it took for her parents to figure out she was missing.

I suddenly thought of the parents’ teary eyes, and how desperately they wanted their young daughter back, how they had begged us to search every square inch of the area. At first I felt angry at them, then guilt. Of course they would do that, any parent would want their child back if they went missing. All those years of raising, just to melt between their fingers, and the Rangers being their only way to get them back…

It still didn’t make my weariness go away though. I sighed, my mixed emotions setting me on edge. After a bit of walking I reached a small lake, and turned left, the Ranger station two miles away. I decided to sit down for a moment at the edge of the lake and rest a bit and try to calm my nerves, and possibly raise my spirits to help me continue searching. I studied the ripples in the water, an occasional Lotad swimming by. I felt a little bit at peace, a feeling I hadn’t felt in a good while.


I shouted and jumped back a few feet as the creature shot out of the water. I regained control in a split moment though, and examined what had just leaped out of the lake. “Upah.” It stated, as if saying something. Once realization washed over me, I grew a bit worried. Those Pokémon weren’t native to these parts, and could be a threat to people and other Pokémon. I thought about the girl, and immediately turned and started running, the Pokémon looking at me curiously as I ran away.

I sprinted around the edge of the lake, and turned into the forest, expecting the worst. I searched all over, but found nothing. I eventually saw a yellow blob in the distance, and started running towards it. Branches slapped my face and body, but I didn’t heed any attention. I reached the scene, which to my relief turned out to be a girl in a yellow raincoat. My victory was quickly washed away when I examined the scene closer.

The girl’s skin was chalk white, her eyes clouded over, mouth gaping open. She was tightly curled up, arms clutching her legs. Standing in front of her was the Pokémon seen before, chewing on one of her hands. It quickly flicked its head around when it heard me, a sick crackissuing as her hand was dislodged from her arm in the Pokémon’s mouth. It grinned at me, the hand falling out of its mouth, landing with aplop in the mud. “Woopah!” It greeted me.

Hands shaking, I pulled the walkie-talkie out of my pocket and called the station,

“I found the girl.”




I let out a gleeful cry as I saw what wild Pokemon had “attacked” me as I entered the grass. A Chansey, the first one I saw there and what I was looking for.

Gripping my DS in my hands I saw my trainer sprite send my Feraligatr, ChainChomp, into battle, however I had no intend on fighting the Chansey. I was going to catch it.

After throwing a couple Pokeballs I watched the sprite wiggle once, twice, three times. I finally caught the Chansey. It brought me to a screen asking if I would like to nickname my Pokemon. Despite the fact that I always do, no matter how stupid of a name I give it or how much I hate the Pokemon, I didn’t. I just wanted a certain item, so I sent her to my PC.

After a bit longer I found another Chansey, same deal there. Then I went to the Pokemon Center and checked my PC.

The first Chansey I had caughten was holding an Oval Stone, the second nothing. I spat in disgust. Sure Lucky Eggs were a 5% chance item, but so what? It pissed me off that neither had one!

I pressed A and scrolled down the options quickly until I was over Release, which is exactly what I did. I released the two Chanseys.

I went to look for more. After two hours I hadn’t found a single Chansey, I was more upset then before. Why no Chansey?

I chuckled thinking about it, maybe you’ve read something called ‘creepypasta’ online and it’s about Pokemon. Those stories about how there’s pixelated blood, Lavender Town, Blue losing his Raticate, the trainer getting killed from playing the fucking game like a normal person. It’s funny in that way. If I suddenly died it would be from laughing to death, not from a harmless pixel………..Right?

I was complaining about it to my online friends over xat, it was really, really annoying that I couldn’t find a dumb Chansey even though I easily found two earlier.

I just decided to EV train my Ralts, Slash, without the Lucky Egg. I could get one later anyway.

Unluckly, my internet connection cut off! I moved my mouse across the screen on the EV training screen I was using and quickly over a link, however it tried to bring me to the page the link would lead to. Shit! No EV training for me then, it’s not like I know the areas by heart or something.

I just decided to look for another Chansey, I had nothing better to do, right?

Once I got to route 15 I dashed into the grass. Nidorina. Ugh.

After a full 10 minutes of searching I finally found it, a Chansey. It wasn’t a normal Chansey either. It was shiny! SHINY! I had never even seen a shiny Pokemon in the wild before, so this was amazing!

I quickly swapped to my Butterfree, Piller, and used Sleep Powder, being careful not to tap Bug Buzz or Psybeam and kill it (My Piller’s level 60, while the Chansey’s level 24)

After chucking a few Ultraballs the ball wiggled once, twice, three times! I finally caught it! I decided to name her Maragret, one of my favorite female names.

She knew Minimize, Soft Boiled, Double Slap, and……the hell? Revenge.

Ignoring the oddness of her last move, figuring it was just a glitch despite the fact my SoulSilver had always been perfectly fine, I took her out of my PC and replaced Slash with her.

As I was admiring her beauty in my party slot I noticed that she had an item, a Lucky Egg.

“Oh!” I said aloud noticing this, I wouldn’t take it from her yet.

I saved and turned my game off, there was something I wanted to look up on my computer, which I could do tomorrow.

The next day I pulled Bulbapedia up on my computer and searched Chansey. Revenge was not in it’s moveset of naturally learned moves. Nor was it learnable at all. This freaked me out.

I read the dex entries, nothing about panicking over losing something, only about walking carefully to not lose the it’s egg, it’s egg be nutricious, and not sharing its egg with people who have evil in their hearts.

I let this all slip my mind as I turned on my SoulSilver, I just stared at Chansey’s shiny overworld sprite. I already loved Maragret.

I checked my party and there it was, Maragret was holding an item. It was definatly the Lucky Egg, it wasn’t all a dream.

I tried to take the Lucky Egg from her but the game wouldn’t allow me to. “Chansey doesn’t want to give Fire it!” The text read.

Frustraited I clicked on tapped on her and then tapped on ‘Summary’ with my stylus to look at her magnificent sprite again. She wasn’t smiling, she was frowning.

I looked at it for less then a second before I slammed the B button so hard that I was afraid it would break.

After taking a couple deep breathes I clicked on ‘Summary’ again. There she was, smiling and looking like a normal Chansey sprite. Surely it was just my imagination that she was frowning……right?

After a few minutes of just looking at her, paralyzed with fear and confusion, I decided to try and take the Lucky Egg again. This time it worked, and I accessed the PC and gave it to Slash through the PC.

Once I got out of the Pokemon Center I turned and pressed A facing Maragret.

A sad face appeared, the one when your Pokemon is weak or has a status condition. Where is it? The text read.

I spoke to her again, Where is it?

Then the game froze for a second, I panicked. Suddenly text started appearing as fast as less then a second, Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?Where is it?

The text finally stopped and the game acted like nothing had happened. I couldn’t just be imagining this.

I spoke to her again, my heart was pounding this time however.

wHaT DiD yOu DO to IT? Is what the text said. I tried to scream. I couldn’t. All that came out was a muffled squeak sound.

At this time I had no control over the game, Maragret continued to talk.

WhErE iS mY eGg? wHaT hAvE yOu DoNe To My EgG? GiVe It BaCk! nOw!

Her egg? She must have ment the Lucky Egg.

A yes or no option popped up. I pressed no. Sure I was frightened, but I wasn’t going to give her the Lucky Egg back! It was mine! I’d spent forever looking for it!

gIvE iT bAcK oR sUfFeR…..

I made the muffled squeak sound again. I didn’t want to give it back.

Yes or no popped up again, I still clicked no. I wanted the Lucky Egg. What could a fucking pixel do to me anyway?

ThEn YoU sHaLl SuFfEr!

I checked my party. All of them. Gone. All gone but Maragret.

Tears welled up in my eyes, I loved ChainChomp, Piller, my Flareon LunarStone, my Ampharos Charlie, and my Honchkrow Dust that much. I couldn’t image what it’d be like without them. I suppose I’m that obsessed.

nOw WiLl YoU gIvE mE mY eGg?

I selected yes, I wanted my team to be back! Losing them wasn’t worth a stupid item!

WhErE iS iT?

“In my PC….” I whispered into the mic.

I was forced to follow Maragret as she opened my PC.

wHeRe? The demented text followed the bottom of the screen.

“Slash has it….” I continued.

She forcefully scrolled through it until she found Slash, whom she took out of the PC.

She walked out of the Pokemon Center with me, Slash was now out on the overworld as well. But wasn’t only one Pokemon suppost to be?

“GiVe mE mY EGG!” Maragret shouted at Slash.

He didn’t reply, he just moved over towards me. His animation appeared to make him look frightened.

“J-Just do it Slash….” I whispered into the mic.

Maragret snatched the egg away from him.

“nOw ThE tHeIf MuSt Be KiLlEd” Maragret’s text said.

“NO!” I shreiked. My beloved Ralts? KILLED?

Despite my protest a battle started. Why was I on Maragret’s side? She’s a psycho! I wanted to help Slash!

She knew different moves now, Gullotine, Revenge, Blizzard, and Fissure. I was so frightened now.

First I selected Fissure, it hit but did almost nothing, then Blizzard, same. “lEt mE gEt mY rEvEnGe!” Maragret shreiked through the speakers, yet the text still read it. The shreik was so loud and high pitched that it caused my ears to hurt horribly. How did no one else hear that?

I selected Revenge, it did a wopping amount, leaving Slash with 1 HP. All the other moves were out of PP, even though I knew that wasn’t possible. I had to select Gullotine.

A slicing animation played, like Slash, but a straight line where his neck would be. After the animation his head fell off. I shreiked as he lost his last HP.

Opponent Slash has died! The text read.

I started to cry. No…not Slash. Why is this Chansey doing this? And a shiny Chansey to? My dreams of a shiny…there ruined….my love of Chansey is ruined too….

My stomach felt sick, the blood from Slash’s head….it was so realistic….

I realized I could shut off the game, everything would be okay then, right? No, it didn’t work. Instead the turn off switch fell out.

Then the Chansey swapped to the enemy side and my Gold sprite, named Fire, was facing the Chansey, she was no longer Maragret to me, no matter what the game said.

“tHiS iS wHaT yOu GeT fOr KiLlInG tHoSe ChAnSeY!” Killing those Chansey? Did she mean those two Chansey I- No…I only released them, right? I didn’t kill them, right?

I felt I sudden chill, at first it wasn’t that bad, then it was stinging pain. “Maragret used Blizzard!” The text claimed. The same thing for Fissure, and the ground began to shake.

“Maragret used Revenge!” I felt like someone had punched me roughly in the stomach. I coughed up alot of blood. Only a little at first, then more and more.

“Maragret used Gullotine!” mY lAsT mOmEnT Of lIfE!


I threw my backpack on the ground and picked up my DS from my nightstand, turning it on. Then I noticed brand new unopened game on my desk, and I screamed. Pokemon Black! My mom had really gotten it for me!
I went to choose my pokemon, intending to take the snivy. But it wouldn’t let me. ‘Snivy doesn’t want to go with you!’ “What the hell?” I asked. Okay, then, I figured I’d choose tepig, I’d liked charmander and torchic from previous games, maybe I’d like tepig. “Tepig doesn’t want to go with you!” What on earth? Was I being forced into taking the stupid water pokemon? I picked the water type then “Oshawott doesn’t want to go with you!” The screen closed out on me. What the hell was I supposed to do?
There was an pokeball in the room, and I walked up to it. “It appears to be an eevee! Do you want this Eevee?” No I wanted my main starter. I wanted that damn Snivy.
I didn’t know what to do, but ended up just pressing B to get it to go away and accept it, but another screen popped up. “Eevee wants to go with you. Do you accept Eevee as part of your team?”
I hit “no” I wanted that stupid snivy.
“Eevee is sad that you wouldn’t take her you’d choose that Snivy over her.”
I was shocked, how did this game know I wanted that Snivy for sure?
“Take the eevee, and you can take the Snivy.” It said.
Well I’d be stupid to deny a free pokemon, I eagerly tapped “Yes.” Eevee’s had always been a favorite pokemon.
“Lissy! Let’s battle!” Bianca said.
I agreed to a battle and sent out my eevee.
And went HOLY CRAP. There was no denying it, I had a shiny eevee. It was pure white.
“Lissy come on battle already!” Bianca yelled.
Eevee had tackle, tail whip, growl and “Doom”.
Doom? What kind of move was that? I didn’t dare use it, it sounded too weird to use.
“Eevee use tackle!” I commanded.
She tackled Bianca’s Oshowatt and he went down in a few hits.
Charen battled me, and this time, I figured I might as well use Doom and figure out what it was. “Eevee use doom!” I commanded. Her body suddenly glowed crimson, but nothing happened. I made her use tackle to take down the pokemon.
After that my sprite walked up to the bag, and I was able to take the Snivy.
After going through the other starting things I looked for a trainer to test this Eevee on. Figuring I’d just fallen asleep playing the game, and was dreaming up a screwed up version.
A child sent out a small little Patrat and I told Eevee to use Doom. Everything went black and I heard the cry of the patrat. But it sounded strange. A much lower and longer sound than what you’d normally hear.
The battle screen returned, and the trainers sprite came into view, they had no pokeballs.
“My…pokemon… how…could…you.”
I accepted the money I got and walked off. Suddenly my Eevee made a noise, and popped out of her pokeball.
“Eevee wants to be with you. Will you accept Eevee?”
What on earth was with this Evee? I figured by now I had somehow gotten a fucked up version of the game, and I just hit “yes” this wasn’t real anyway, I shouldn’t be too worried right?
“Eevee doesn’t want to go into her pokeball, Eevee wants to follow you.”
I hit “accept” and waited. Nothing happened so I just walked off. The sprite of Eevee following behind me.
What else did this game have in store for me?
The game was relatively easy, I blew through the first it with Eevee and her move “curse”. Taking down trainers and pokemon alike with the move. It had unlimited PP, I never had to go to a pokemon center, I loved Eevee.
I sat playing it one night, feeding her rare candies to level her up, just so I could have her at level 100, and suddenly, the evolution screen popped up. What the? I checked my clock, she would evolve into Umbreon, if this was the happiness aspect of it!
It flashed, but it didn’t look like Umbreon at all.
It was an eeveelution, that much was clear. It’s ears were still bunny ears, and it was black with purple eyes, and purple markings all around it’s body. Purple smoke was around its paws. “Eevee evolved into Curseon!”
Curseon? Someone had a joyride with this game.
“…” Popped up on Curseon’s evolution screen.
“…You…You are to blame. I…I will stay. You….Lissy you will pay.”
I was actually scared of the game now, but I pressed on. I had to find out what happend at the end of this.
I battled through, taking down pokemon after pokemon, trainer after trainer, all with my Curseon. When I finally beat the elite four, there was a cut scene. It showed my Curseon, and myself.
“….” showed up, I figured it was the Curseon talking, it was the only one out.
“I told you Lissy. You will pay. You use pokemon without a thought for their feelings. And you must pay for it.”
My DS suddenly flashed a light, and Curseon’s face filled the screen.
“You abuse us Lissy. You fight us and use us for your own sick needs. You are no better than dogfighters.”
I knew this was a fucked up game, but Curseon was scaring me.
“You will die Lissy. But not now. You will die old, but you will always remember how you abused and mistreated pokemon. Used them for your own needs, your own enjoyment, your own fun, without ever once a thought to the pokemon.”
The screen flashed Curseons face.
“Curseon used Curse on Lissy!”
The screen went black. I was forced to shut off the game and restart.
Again, my only choice was the eevee, and again I played through the game, but nothing changed. I hated this game now, and after I’d played through it a second time, I chucked it right in the trash, and then went to wal-mart and bought Pokemon White Version. I’d had enough of black to last me a lifetime.

Death Shines like a Candle

“Dewott…I think we’re lost,” Mina told her companion.

They could hear the torrential rain and thunder outside, the same storm that knocked out the power in the entire Celestial Tower and the surrounding area. All Mina wants to do is to at least find the front door, so she can leave as soon as it clears up. She scolded herself for not bringing another source of light with her into the tower.

“There’s nothing we can do but wait until morning,” Mina mentioned, sitting down and leaning against what Mina hoped was the wall. “Let’s try and get some sleep.”

“Dew,” her Dewott answered, sitting down beside her.


After numerous unsuccessful attempts to get some sleep, Mina just sat where she was, idly petting her sleeping Dewott and checking the time on her Xtransever every few minutes. That’s when she noticed a purple flame nearby, like the flame of a candle. And it seemed to be moving towards her.

Mina was instantly alert, her hand instinctively going to the pokeballs attached to her waist. She didn’t throw one, she wanted to be sure that whatever it was had hostile intentions before attacking. As it came to where she was, she could see in the its purple light, that it was indeed a living candle.

“Litwick,” it said, its eyes looking over Mina and Dewott.

Mina noticed, as it came close, that this pokemon was a light source. Though not as bright as a lightbulb, it was enough to lead them out. But only if it was willing.

“Hello,” Mina said, as kindly as possible. “We got kind of lost in the darkness. Do you think you could help us by leading us to the door?”

“Lit, Litwick,” it answered, nodding.

Mina woke up Dewott, who was initially suspicious of the candle pokemon, and was ready to attack. But after Mina told him that Litwick agreed to lead them out, he calmed down and allowed the candle to lead the way.

Initially, Litwick used its light to make sure they took the right path and didn’t trip, as well as leading them through the maze of gravestones to the stairs. But as they went, it became harder and harder, until both Mina and Dewott were breathing heavily. After a bit more, Dewott suddenly fainted.

“Litwick, come over here. I need your light to check on Dewott,” she called to the Litwick. It turned and came back, and Mina was able to see that he didn’t just faint. It was more like his energy was sapped.

“Dewott…can you hear me?” Mina called, shaking him.

Dewott managed to weakly open his eyes halfway, and Mina breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that he would be okay. But he shook his head and said, “Dew…Dew…ott. Dew…ott…Dew…”

He closed his eyes again, as his body took a few more difficult breaths and laid still. Tears came to Mina’s eyes, as she realized that her Dewott, her beloved pokemon that she had since Juniper gave him to her as a present, was dead. She picked up his body, intending to give him a proper burial come morning.

After another floor, Mina fell to her knees. She struggled to stand, but it was as if her energy had left her, and she didn’t have enough to even get to her feet. She looked at the Litwick she was following, which now had a sinister smile on its face. Mina gasped, as she suddenly realized that the Litwick has been sapping her energy, and was the reason Dewott was dead.

She brought a hand to her belt, intending to use one of her other pokemon. But Litwick jumped forward with surprising speed and knocked her on her back, scattering her pokeballs everywhere. It sat on her chest, and the sinister yellow eyes would be the last thing she would see, as her remaining energy was sapped.


Litwick stepped away from the now dead human. As it walked off, it stopped and looked back at her. It kind of liked her, and it was sorry it killed her, bit it needed to eat as well, and the human was the closest thing around. It was full now, but there will be others that will get lost, and it will be there to feed again.


While shining a light and pretending to be a guide, it leeches off the life force of any who follow it.

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